Welcome TO Vemana International School

An inspiring pre-school education for children aged 2 1/2-6 years old in a nuturing and joyful setting. VIS is situated in a beautiful lush green, in the heart of Marasur, Anekal Taluk, a new home away from home for kids.

  • Pleasing Classroom Ambience
  • Furniture designed for students needs
  • theme based charts
About Us

Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join our seminars
and training and learn how to keep it.


Practical Life

Supports each child's journey independence, and fulfilling their ntural curiosity.


We ensure that children use all their senses( sight, touch, sound, smell and taste) to learn.


To explore mathematical concepts which progresses from concrete to abstract and simple to complex.


Full Day Session

We build phonic awareness with the sounds and symbols of the alphabet, and provid varied and beautiful materials.


Cultural stuies includes sensitizing to the system of living in accordance with our culture.


Art is integrated into the curriculum with materials accessible to express themselves.

See Our Kindergarten Special Features!


We aim build a robust eco-system for a joyful learning that creates diligent pupil for better tomorrow.


To provide an enriching and challenging enviroment where each child is encouraged to grow.